Even Tucker is injured... absence from the World Cup 사설토토사이트

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เมื่อ: 2019-08-17 11:33:06
Tucker's colon comes home to the U.S. In announcing the preliminary list, the U.S. brought in Derek White (San Antonio) and Marvin Begley (Sacramento), except for Tedious Young (Chicago) and Adebayo (MyAmi).


Since then, Begley has shown a willingness to focus on his team, further lowering his height.

Tucker can add strength to the bottom of the net and even provide outside support. Considering this, his injury is painful for the U.S. national team in many ways.


In addition, as even Kyle Lauri (Toranto) was unable to come forward due to the aftermath of his injury, all experienced players have been eliminated from the national team. Laurie and Tucker were expected to lead a team of young players, but they could not play.


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