Hin Mung-Hin Dang Day trip

Trip organize by speed boat.

Hin Daeng (Red Rock) - This is a submerged boulder pinnacle where, looking at the bare rocks above water, you would have no idea that it is such a beautiful dive site below water. Healthy soft corals in various shades of red are all around here and plenty of small scale action goes on. One of the most impressive sights is that of a silver wall of trevally cruising past.

Hin Muang (Purple Rock) - Here you will find Thailand's highest vertical wall, bejewelled with vibrant purple soft corals. One side of the submerged rock levels out at around 60 metres and the other disappears into the abyss. Vast carpets of anemones cover shallower sections of the reef while sea fans cling precariously to the steep walls.

Koh Ha - Undoubtedly, the diving highlight at Koh Ha is the series of fascinating caverns which are located at Koh Ha Yai, the largest of the group of islands. The caverns have large entrances and are safe to enter. You can surface inside and see the ancient stalactites which hang from the cave ceiling. Sunrise is a magical time to dive here as the sunlight creates a gorgeous emerald colour.


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