Lying humbly on the Andaman Coast, Trang is a land of unspoilt beauty, kind and friendly people, delicious food, amazing islands and paradise white sand beaches.

Trang has 3 main piers for island-hoppers, they are Pak Meng Pier, Ban Chao Mai Pier, and Kuan Thung Kuu Pier.

Pak Meng Pier on the beach of the same name is the major pier for boats. From there, there are regular boats to all the main islands. If the island of your choice is off the beaten track, then it is possible to privately hire a boat.

Ban Chao Mai and Kuan Tung Kuu Piers also have both regular and privately-for-hire boats.

"PRO SCUBA DIVING SERVICE" located at 2 beauty peaceful island.

One is call "Koh Mook"and we are at "Koh Mook Sivalai beach resort" by longtail boat service within 25 min from "Kuan Tung Ku" pier

And another is locate at "Koh Kradan" as many tourist knew by Island of love underwater wedding ceremony every years in February. Our dive shop will be right in front of "The seven sea resort"and one of the best house reef you ever could find in Thailand waiting for you here.

 They are many nice spot for scuba diving here like  "Koh Wean, Koh Mook, Koh Kradan" itself and "Koh Rok" one of the best surrounding island close by and of cause not far from Koh Rok is one of the most diver needed to dive here just one time of their life "Hin Dang Hin Muang". Whole dive spot be hidden story behind to find out! Don't miss these so.

      "Pro scuba diving service" is a team of local professional diving instructors. After 20 years has been worked with the dive companies.Now we built up our dream setup a dive shop lo...
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